Consultation / Planning

Proper planning is paramount to ensuring a couple’s reception is all of which they dreamed.  A reception that seems to flow “effortlessly” from start to finish can only be achieved through the preparation that has taken place in the months and weeks that proceed the “big day.”

Prior to ever signing a contact, an in-person consultation is typically held with the couple.  This allows Dante to personally share his approach to delivering customized wedding entertainment and provides a forum in which the couple can openly ask any questions.  Your wedding day is far too important to leave anything to chance – particularly something as important as your music and entertainment provider.  You need to feel comfortable in who you select as your DJ, and the in-person consultation allows you to share your vision of the perfect reception, to determine which products and services you may want to select to match that vision, and to allow any and all questions to be answered and addressed.

One of the distinct differences that DJ Dante offers compared to other local DJs is the variety of options he is able to provide to couples to truly make their reception unique, stand-out, and memorable.  The investment DJ Dante has made in high-end equipment allows him to offer the following:

  • A “video love-story” – shared just prior to a couple’s grand entrance (displayed on the two 50″ plasmas – with options for additional remotely located displays)
  • Full room uplighting that is synchronized to the music and moment (battery-powered, wireless units that can be placed regardless of availability of wall outlets)
  • Spotlighted moments on the dance floor (achieved via computer programmed moving heads on totems)
  • A tremendously high energy level on the dance floor (a combination of Bose sound system, high intensity dance floor lighting, and full-room uplighting)

Once contracted, Dante works with clients to obtain the information and input required to create a unique reception filled with fun and lasting memories.  This is accomplished via exploratory discussions where suggestions are discussed on how to personalize the reception and to gain an understanding in the level of engagement the couple desires from both their DJ as well as their guests.  The goal is to make the evening memorable by including the bride & groom, their wedding party, and family and guests – but never to a point where anyone is uncomfortable.

A comprehensive planning document is provided to the couple upon booking.  This is used to plan the content, timeline, order of events, song requests, special dedications and any other details to ensure the evening flows smoothly.  While the final decision always resides with the couple, Dante will openly share his personal experiences of having entertained thousands to make suggestions on “what works well and what does not” when helping to plan out the couple’s dream reception.