The Distinctive Experience

Fun… elegant… unique… personalized… memorable

These words describe the distinctive difference in the entertainment which DJ Dante provides.

While conducting himself with the utmost of class, and forever the consummate professional – Dante’s impeccable organization and relentless regard for meticulous detail ensures the evening will flow seamlessly.  Far more than “just a DJ pressing play”, Dante manages the flow of the evening and closely coordinates events with his fellow vendors – caterer, photographer, videographer……to make certain all are properly positioned and prepared for each event throughout the reception.

Forever “early” so that set up is complete and music is ready to begin well in advance of the first guest’s arrival, and always appropriately dressed for the occasion, DJ Dante is the vehicle through which all of the couples’ hopes, expectations and dreams for their magical evening become reality.  But this is achieved only through a rigorous approach that involves entering in a partnership with the couple well in advance of their wedding day.

Dante works very closely with his clients to make every reception one that reflects the couples’ own sense of style and music.  Through exploratory discussions, planning sessions and the couple’s completion of preference profiles, the “behind the scenes” effort ultimate results in a reception that is individually tailored toward each bride and groom.

Working with a couple, Dante suggests various means of personalizing each reception.  This can be achieved through various methods, including sharing tidbits of information throughout the evening about the couple – how they met, details of their first date..…… when they knew they were destined to share their lives with each other.  The use of “voice-overs” can be a VERY powerful tool.  And while never meaning to make guests feel uncomfortable, involving various “pre-selected” audience members throughout the night allows the couple’s guests to become a part of the night’s memories and festivities.  The goal is to engage everyone at the reception, such that they feel they were a part of something very special, and so they walk away with fond and distinct memories of sharing in your magical night.

Always to be remembered, it is a celebration and a party – and in the end, such a large part of the night remains the music and the dancing.  With a comprehensive collection of music that spans from the 1940’s to the latest radio releases, and with a crystal-clear sound system that is never underpowered, DJ Dante plays a combination of music to suit all tastes.  His years of experience in reading audiences allows him to play the perfect balance and selections of songs to keep the dance floor packed all night long!