Uplighting & Monograms

The Added Elegance of Uplighting and Monograms…
That Special Something for Your Wedding Reception from DJ Dante

View video below to show what Dynamic Uplighting adds to your Reception

Uplighting provided by DJ Dante at the Omni William Penn’s Grand Ballroom

Omni Uplighting



Sheraton - Before Uplighting Summit Inn - Before Uplighting


Sheraton - After Uplighting

Uplighting will give your wedding reception an elegant ambiance without costing a fortune.  
The effect can be quite dramatic and can help define a space and add color and dimension to an area.

Why Choose Uplighting?

“Uplighting” gets its name from the direction of the beams of light that are projected on to a wall or other surface.  Several fixtures are placed at a low position around the room, at the bottom of a wall or a set of columns.  The lights are pointed upwards so the corresponding beams of light highlight the wall and project to the ceiling.  Use of our programmable lighting fixtures allows us to match the light to your wedding color and helps set the appropriate mood for your event.

DJ Dante can customize uplighting to meet your needs…you can pick the color and the effect.  We can program our uplights to fade from one color to the next, go to beat of your music, or simply stay one color for the entire night.  You may want the lights to remain a static color as guests arrive and throughout dinner…but may then select for the lights to slowly fade, strobe or change colors through the dancing portion of the evening — it’s entirely up to you!

New for 2014 – Battery-powered, wireless uplighting! 

DJ Dante is proud to offer the latest in uplighting technology – wireless uplights that offer 6-in-1 color diodes….including UV, to provide the most flexibility in light placement with the most vibrant colors available in any fixture!




Custom Wedding Monograms

In addition to uplighting, DJ Dante also offers customized monograms for your event.  Most couples prefer to use their names or initials incorporated in a special design in a script style font. Monograms are a great way to make your wedding unique and special!

*Many wedding couples have their initials and wedding date projected on the dance floor, behind their head table, or behind their wedding cake. We create your desired custom monogram in whatever style you prefer.

Floor Projected Monogram  Wall Projected Monogram